Our manufacturing methods are based on the respect of raw materials, products and traditions

It is when taking time that transformation of ingredients is optimal

The process starts with the selection of barley, produced here, localy near to Lausanne, in le Pays de Vaud

Then it is time for saccharification, this step is cutting starch into sugar that can be assimiled by the yeasts

The Fermentation of the wort obtained can start and take several days

Sugar are transformed into CO2 and Alcohol

Once this step finished, is time for the distillation, l’Aclohol is then concentrated until 80% vol.

We obtain our VAUDKA

To produce our GIN, we dilute our VAUDKA and re-destilling it with a mixture of aromatics herbs and plants, to extract all the flavor.The method used is called London Dry Gin

GINETTE, MILIZMEISTER, RIOULE and PERNOQUET are produced by maceration of aromatics herbs and plant into our VAUDKA

More the maceration is slow, at room temperature of the cellar, more flavors and strength are extracted, it is the principle of the mother tincture

After all this steps. we adjust the Alcohol content, to offer a nice texture and flavoR and aroma in mouth